John Snow – Move aside the King in the North! This is the Prince of Planning!




Two weeks ago, I sat down virtually with the incredible John Snow, who gave me an insight further into the world of Planning. We work together in Build Studios based in Waterloo, where John runs his successful business called Tetrik Planning.

Join us to talk about what the role of a planning consultant does, how they work with Architects, find out what a Section 1:06 agreement is and all the news about the Tesco’s in my parent’s village.

For the first 8 minutes, there is some slight rustling on the audio, which gets fixed. Don’t be that person who clicks off, you’ll miss all of John’s valuable knowledge based on years of experience

John Snow’s Bio:

John Snow BSc (Hons) PgDip MRTPI, Company Founder

John is a fully accredited RTPI planning professional with a wealth of experience in the private and public sectors across many different planning disciplines.

John Snow’s career started working for a Local Authority before progressing into the private sector where he gained a detailed knowledge of larger and more complex planning schemes including minerals, waste and land management. He subsequently gained extensive experience with major household brand Companies advising on complex and contentious schemes across London and the South East including retail, mixed use schemes and housing.

His skill and expertise lies in understanding the detail of the planning situation in order to seek to provide workable solutions.

He prides himself on his honest, approachable and direct manner and his ability to work proactively with many other professionals in the planning industry to achieve positive results and value for his clients.

In his spare time he loves travel, swimming and is a passionate advocate for disability rights and inclusivity.



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