Andina Patagonica #4 by forma architects

Andina Patagonica #4 is the first of a twin cabin project in the outskirts of El Bolson, Rio Negro, Argentina.

It is a 65m2 cabin which opens uo to the Cerro Piltriquitron. The house steps down to adapt its from to the slope of the terrain.

form  is a group of young architects and designers who aspire to provide a space for creation and innovation committed to Architecture and sustainable development. Design and construction, architects and labor, carpenters and masons. We seek to be present in each step of the process, we promote both the use of the mind and the hands. We specialize in design, in an integral architecture, and since we want our projects to be carried out correctly and under our high definition standards, we also specialize in the construction and execution of projects. Working alongside experienced carpenters and builders, generating a united human group with the same aspirations to offer a quality product.”

“As a young studio we are in a phase in which wood predominates over other materials. With each project we explore the limits and possibilities of the material with its logics and systems to arrive at a product that is coherent throughout the entire course from the idea to the material. Wood is a noble material that in addition to its thermal capacities and malleability means a positive carbon footprint to the ecosystem, so its use is highly sustainable. In any case, we are looking forward to the possibility of exploring with new materials.”

Project size65 m2
Site size2000 m2
Project Budget$70000
Completion date2019
Building levels2


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