Cerami & Associates NYC Headquarters by Syness Architects

The NYC headquarters for renowned acoustic and technology consultants, Cerami Associates, occupies a full floor in a mid-town Manhattan office building. With an approximate staff of 100, the requirements for their space included sound testing chambers and a virtual reality room in addition to conference spaces and private offices. The general open plan allows plenty of collaboration and communication between associates while at their workstations or in the generous café-pantry area. Lounge areas were placed throughout the plan to encourage work between team members while also allowing them the chance to individually work from a variety of different areas.

Unique to this design, was a request to use subtle branding and the desire to utilize the workspace as a living showroom, showcasing acoustic materials and control methods throughout the space. Included in the resolution of these is the design of an acoustically generated graphic and relief-like wall treatments to identify with the company’s heritage. Color was used throughout the space to distinguish programmatic elements that vary between disciplines. Various wall, door, and floor treatments along with sound masking systems were also specified as part of the acoustic showcase.

In developing this project Cerami & Associates, being a leader in acoustical, audiovisual, and technology design, aimed to create a living showroom space that featured various products as a means of testing and showcasing solutions they might recommend to clients. Acoustic material can be found throughout the space, including: Starsilent products at the ceiling level, acoustic wood slats (by Navy Island) in the conference room and collaboration space, multi-dimensional felt panels in the meeting and wellness rooms, custom felt fins in the elevator lobby (both by MDC Interior Solutions), and carpeting of various piles (by Interface and Mohawk Group).


Project size12000 ft2
Completion date2021
Building levels1
PhotographerJon Nissenbaum


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