FridaySaturdaySunday by Square Feet Architects

FridaySaturdaySunday by Square Feet Architects

Daniel Leon was introduced to Matthew Lloyd and Shahed Saleem through the 3 Faiths Forum and the three architects were inspired by the concept of a single shared space for three faiths—Christian, Jewish, and Muslim. This was driven in part by pragmatic cost and land use demands, but also presented an opportunity to explore the possibility of the tripartite worship concept—a shared space that can be a mosque on a Friday, a synagogue on a Saturday, and a church on a Sunday.

The idea coincided with the London Olympic Games and attracted wide-ranging attention and debate. The proposals were featured in the RIBA Journal (Dec 2011), Radio 4’s Sunday programme (14.1.13), and the 3FF Urban Dialogues Exhibition 2012. A steering Group lead by Prof. Aaron Rosen of Kings College, London has now been established to investigate the possibility of how the concept could be realised, possibly within the temporary context of a festival.

We are now in discussion with a university to construct it as a ‘meanwhile faith pavilion’ … Watch this space!


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