Maria Street House by Post Architecture

Post Architecture is a boutique architecture firm specializing in custom home design in downtown Toronto. We are known and respected for our sensitive integration of modern design and traditional contexts, applying innovation to create spaces for an exceptional lifestyle. 

We believe the spaces we inhabit, and also our lives, are blurring the distinction between our working, social and private selves – and design naturally needs to respond to this. Residential clients are asking for the inclusion of home offices, restaurant-like kitchens, boutique hotel bedrooms, and spa bathroom in their homes; our designs deftly cross disciplines and borrow from the research and development, currently only available in the commercial and retail sectors, for new solutions in lighting, fixtures, furnishings, and construction materials, to support the new living environments. 

We offer a full range of architectural services from design consultations to Committee of Adjustment applications to construction review. Moreover, we collaborate with a team of engineers, interior and furniture designers, to offer our clients a seamless construction or renovation process and the expertise to complete their vision. 

Photography: Riley Snelling


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