“Multi Faith Centre” by Hammad Haider

Hammad Haider is a recent graduate and looking for a Part 1 Architectural Assistant role in Leeds or Manchester. He graduated with a First Class honours degree from the University of Huddersfield and has had some work experience with Halliday Clark Architects aswell as being a part of the RIBA student mentoring scheme most recently with Yeme Architects.

multi faith centre by hammad haider
"Multi Faith Centre" by Hammad Haider 1

His final BA project was awarded the external examiners prize aswell as his BA Dissertation being nominated for the Annual Fields Journal of huddersfield research.

Hammad Haider’s final project is a Multi Faith Centre in the Heart of Melaka, Malaysia.

multi faith centre by hammad haider 2
"Multi Faith Centre" by Hammad Haider 2

The complex provides a safe haven for people of all faiths within the locality to encourage interfaith dialogue, learn about the diverse cultural assets as well as being a place to disconnect from the busy urban environment through a series of courtyards, learning, dining and contemplation spaces – Nutrition for the whole body. The graphics for this project have been produced with Revit & photoshop.

multi faith centre by hammad haider 3
"Multi Faith Centre" by Hammad Haider 3


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