NovaCentre Public Square for Hatfield by Rabia Duran

NovaCentre Public Square for Hatfield by Rabia Duran

Rabia is currently a Part I Architecture Graduate. She has graduated with a 1st Class Degree from the University of Hertfordshire and has 1 year of experience in the industry. She has received a 1st prize award from the HAA Architecture Award & RIBA for this project. Therewithal her project was chosen as the project of the year in her University.

Below is Rabia’s Final Design Project for a new Public Square in Welwyn Garden City. As the name ‘NovaCentre’ suggests, the new and second centre has a modern and multifunctional character, creating a new and fresh connection with the initial historic town centre. The aim was to create a second centre for the less attractive side of the city and to act as an intermediary between the corners of the city.

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