‘Play with me’ by Diana Terzieva

Diana Terzieva has graduated with a First Class Honours degree from the University for the Creative Arts and is currently looking for a Part 1 Architectural Assistant job in London.

play with me by diana terzieva
'Play with me' by Diana Terzieva 1

This is one of Diana’s third year projects: ‘Play with me’ is a housing typology that aims to encourage people to live & work at dedicated adaptable spaces. 10 home units are bringing together young families of artists and makers with children to create a community where child care is also shared. Being designed with children in mind so that they can give away the skills to the next generation: their own kids.


Hackney Wick / Fish Island area has the highest density of artist studios in Europe. The price boost in 2012 makes shared ownership the only way to keep costs affordable. Young artist families will be able to collaborate in the name of sustainable community and their children to grow up in a vibrant and safe environment amongst art and creative people.


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