Productive Landscapes : PoroCity

Productive Landscapes : PoroCity

Muhammed Aziz is an emerging designer specialising in architecture, landscape and urbanism, with a strong interest in and a passion for circular economy, creative place-making, landscape urbanism, upcycling and social sustainability.
He has recently earned a BASc in Architecture from Curtin University and has been working at Sharjah Architecture Triennial as an architectural intern.

We are currently in the Anthropocene epoch; a disruptive epoch formed as a result of human-caused behaviours including industrial agriculture over decades, if not centuries, which have severely impacted the environment through catastrophes such as Climate Change, Loss of Biodiversity and Destruction of Water Systems. Moreover, the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has been seen as a new apocalyptic rider that rose from the smoke, ashes and floods.

Muhammed’s urban and architectural proposal tests whether Regenerative Agriculture and Productive Landscapes have a potential to shape resilient communities and places that we inhabit in future, and in the long run help tackle the climate crisis that we are currently facing.

The proposal is a transit-oriented mixed-use development integrated with urban greenery, located at the fringe of Subiaco aiming to connect to the train station as well as the neighbouring town of West Leederville. The ground level is designed as a Civic Plaza to achieve urban porosity.

About a third of the development will accommodate a residential complex with modular housing units, as the rest of the area is dedicated to ‘Productive Landscapes,’ i.e. rooftop urban farms + kitchen gardens, organic market, roof gardens, constructed wetlands + raingardens, all of which will aim to serve the building and its inhabitants to be self-sufficient. The residential complex is envisioned to be highly communal with emphasis on co-living and micro-architecture.

Connect with Muhammed Aziz on LinkedIn, follow him on Instagram @ma_designs.pdf, or send him an email at


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