“Sweet Taste and View” by Julia Lauri

Julia Lauri de Funes is currently a Part 1 Architectural Assitant looking for a job. She graduated with a 2:1 from University of Greenwich. She really wants to learn and benefit from any new experiences.

This project is inspired by one of the best pastry chefs in the world, Jordi Roca. He is the chef in the restaurant Celler de Can Roca in Barcelona and owns several ice cream parlours around Spain.

His delicacy when creating his desserts brought him into this project. Sugar is the main driving force as well as its colour and shape when turned into solid caramel. It is these aspects that I want to achieve and investigate throughout this project where sugar is present in its both sides, luxury and fat. The project is found in Clerkenwell, a site full of artisans.


This building will be a continuation of the several theatre shows found around site. The idea is that this building will house a culinary show inspired around two of the most famous desserts from Jordi Roca, Flower bomb and Rainy Forest. It will also have a small school where 10 apprentices will learn from the chef and host the show together with him.

The building works in the same way as a theatre but with some variations explained later. It will be closed to the public in April as it is the least popular month in terms of theatre attendance. This will allow artisans to use their studio in the building to produce kitchen utensils using the recycled material, including glass.”


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