“Sybiotic Habitat” by Sherise C. Zapanta

Sherise C. Zapanta is an avid architect, designer, and creative who began her studies in architecture at the University of San Carlos, Philippines in 2015. As a goal-oriented and venturesome individual, she decided to bring her studies to new heights by pursuing her desired major in the states, and is currently a Fifth Year Undergraduate student at NewSchool of Architecture and Design.

Sherise’s professional skills include: 3D Modeling, Digital Rendering, Creative Thinking, Conceptual Analyzing, Project Managing, Hand Sketching, Model Making, Watercoloring, and Digital Art.

As a practitioner, she has a passion for serving people- especially within diverse communities- and has worked with sustainable, functional, and experiential designs amongst several affiliates such as: United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary (UAPSA) and the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS).

In addition, her love for architecture has led her to be more involved in several workshops and events across the world, and was able to achieve 3rd place at the International Student Workshop in Architecture for an Urban Revitalization Project in Hikone, Japan. Sherise continues to develop and curate her creative skills in graphic designs and visual merchandising by working for start-up companies during her free time.

In spite of her focus and determination to succeed in her career, she also enjoys the simplest things in life; she loves storytelling, mentoring her peers, playing badminton, traveling, singing, and continuing to practice her creative mindset through her arts and crafts.


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