“The Septet,” by Gregory Williamson

“Greg is a BA (Hons) Architecture Graduate, currently looking for a job in London. He graduated with a First-Class Honours degree from The University of Liverpool in July 2019 and has subsequently undertaken a year in practice with a small firm in Liverpool. He is due to join the MArch at The University of Bath in September and is seeking a role as part of a compulsory placement during the first semester of the course.

Greg has a passion for bold, materially driven architecture which is rooted by it’s context. He is interested in the social interactions offered by buildings and their opportunity to provide a catalyst for social change.”

“These drawings are part of Greg’s final undergraduate project entitled “”The Septet,”” a Jewish Cemetery & memorial spread over two sites across the River Mersey.

The project is designed around the Jewish burial process which largely focuses on an Easterly orientation, the direction of Jerusalem. The Jewish burial is defined by a processional route of seven stages, during which mourners stop seven times to pray. Hence, Greg has aimed to create an intuitive journey in which mourners move through a series of seven pavilions which encourage reflection and contemplation.

The project includes a self-sufficient willow coffin construction facility using a series of soaking pools which allow the deceased to return to the earth as quickly as possible (Jewish burial tenant) whilst increasing environmentally sustainability.

These drawings were produced by hand/ Photoshop and are axonometrics of the main burial site and Memorial respectively.”


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