‘Unbuilt’ by Miruna Ilas

Miruna Ilas is a Newcastle University graduate and currently a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at Grimshaw Architects. In the past two years she has gained experience in rail, aviation and masterplanning sectors.

Miruna’s graduation project, the Museum of Unbuilt Architecture is a proposal of experimental preservation of the Queen’s House by Inigo Jones. The act of preserving a building is in itself an act of interference; although not always visible, preservation changes the fabric of a building. Several restorations, additions and proposed interventions of Queen’s House have caused the building to become ‘impermanent’ through its multitude of designs. Past versions of built form, lost relics and unbuildable designs represent the ‘Unbuilt’.

At MoUA, the Unbuilt is celebrated through three-dimensional large-scale projections for viewers to directly interact with, adding to the ongoing conversation between Architecture and its users. The Museum brings homage to the past whilst looking into the technologies of the future.


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