Wellness Center at the Green Lane Recreation Ground by Joanna Adamczyk

Joanna Adamczyk graduated this year from Kingston University London. Looking for a PART II Architectural Assistant Role.

The project is a proposal for a subterranean public bath beneath a Green Lane Recreation Ground with a glazed openings and saunas complex at street level. The proposal sets to re-establish culture of public bathing lidos. Since early 1900 public lidos have played a central role in not only in the area but in the UK.

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese bathing rituals, the off-grid saunas, which fits up to twelve people each, are intended to promote well-being and connect city dwellers to one another and nature. For Joanna – Saunas are places that fascinate, She felt it was natural to explore a space that unites and encourages conversation. Saunas are sacrosanct places where you can discuss all manner of things – from the big to the small.

Connect with Joanna Adamczyk on Linkedln, follow her on Instagram or send her an email at [email protected]


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