NO ENTRY! Exposing the barriers to entry within the Architecture Industry

Exposing barriers in Architecture: Joe Maguire & Laurence Richards discuss entry challenges.

One of the analogies I often use to visualise the Architecture Industry is like trying to get into a club.

You’re an enthusiastic Architecture Graduate trying to get in the club known as the “Industry”. From the outside, you see all the happy people, however, in front of you is a grumpy bouncer holding the entrance past the rope barrier.

“No UK experience?! Back of the queue!” “NEVER used BIM?! Hmmmph, I don’t think this is the right place for you” “Under 3 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE?!… Back of the line!”

“But but but… I have my portfolio with me?” “YEAH YEAH… MOVE ASIDE!”

And so you wait for hours, days, months. Watching all the people go inside. You see one of your friends go in quicker than you. How is this fair?!

It isn’t fair. And the bouncer doesn’t want to know about it. So what can you do?

I’m joined by Joe Maguire and Laurence Richards of the Architecture Practice Ackroyd Lowrie to give their insights on the current barriers to entry within the Architecture Industry as well as their top tips on how to speed entry into the profession.