The Business of Metaverse Architecture, ft. Sunken Blimp

The Business of Metaverse Architecture, ft. Sunken Blimp

So far on this channel, we’ve had several Architects on our channel talking about their creations and passion projects in the metaverse.

These are cool and interesting; however, how many of these designers have been paid for their work or have the projects made a profit?

Architects in the real world are paid to deliver buildings to their clients – so how many designers are delivering projects in the Metaverse for clients with a budget?

Sunken Blimp is Metaverse Architecture Studio bringing real companies into the virtual realm. I’ve been BLOWN AWAY before by all the creative ideas that the team have come up with so far, so it’s no surprise that I recently learned they also do amazing commercial projects, live events, and experimental projects.

Join me tonight at 7 pm BST to speak to one of the co-founders of Sunken Blimp about what they are up to and if there is a commercially viable business for designing Architecture in the Metaverse?

See you then!


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