What is the role of an Architect in the Metaverse?

What is the role of an Architect in the Metaverse?

Shajay Bhooshan is an Associate Director at Zaha Hadid Architects where he heads the research activities of the Computation and Design (CODE) group.

CODE has made key contributions to computational platforms, talent development and architectural design at ZHA, especially related to architectural application and articulation of shell structures.

Some of his recent projects at ZHA include “Architecting the Metaverse” as well as “NFTism” at Art Basel Miama Beach.

Andrei Dolnikov is an Interior Architect (UNSW), the founder and CEO of Binyan Studios 3D Visualization, and the American Society of Architectural Illustrators President (ASAI)

The ASAI are launching “Cause & Effect” the first ever gathering of the global village of visualisers, architects, developers, marketers, creatives, place makers and artists who collaborate to depict our cities’ future on November the 17th in London where you can meet Andrei and Shajay in person – you can find out more information at https://asai.org/

Join us for an unscripted conversation and an interactive Livestream where we will discuss “What is the role of an Architect in the Metaverse?” as well as anything else that pops up in our minds, or perhaps something you ask us live on Wednesday the 2nd of November at 1PM GMT.

See you then!


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