Are all job vacancies in Architecture advertised?

Are all job vacancies in Architecture advertised?

“I thought that companies had to advertise positions externally, but recently I have heard about people who have found opportunities I have heard about people who have found opportunities that I did not know existed – and I check everyday how do I find out jobs if they are not advertised?”

Not all job vacancies are advertised, particularly those that are more senior or require specific and often rare skills. There is no requirement in law for the private sector to advertise jobs, but the public sector does advertise permanent jobs to ensure diversity and equality in the recruitment process.

There are several options available to employers seeking to fill a role. They can advertise in newspapers or business magazines such as Building Design or online. A recruitment consultant can be hired to identify, source and shortlist suitable candidates. Or they can use their team’s network of contacts to identify potential candidates for the role. A combination of these methods can also be used.

To maximise your chances, you should continue to search online and sign up for email alerts where possible. Check the trade press regularly and also the mainstream press. Dust off your contacts book and let it be known as widely as possible that you are looking for pastures new.

Finally, and most importantly, strike up a relationship with a good recruitment consultant. Applications for all jobs have increased more than threefold, and if you have taken the time to get to know someone and developed a good working relationship you will naturally be one of the first to be thought of.


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