How many people working within Architecture have at some point felt anxious or stressed?

Did you know that the Architects Benevolent Society, a charity dedicated to helping architects, assistants, technologists, technicians and landscape architects has now teamed up with AnxietyUK to provide a range of free support for your mental well-being?

Pressures of work or studying, the vulnerability and uncertainty of the architectural professions, and outside factors like health and family difficulties are just some of the reasons people experience anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.

Many people find their own ways of coping, but some need support to manage these feelings and to get the balance right. This is where they can help.

It’s completely free provided that you’ve worked in the industry for a year. They are super friendly, will welcome every call and reply to all emails confidentially.

Find out more information here:

phone: 020 7580 2823