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Find out more information about the role of an Architectural Assistant Part One:

The Architectural Assistant Part I will be responsible supporting the design team in the delivery of projects by undertaking a range of Architectural duties and ensure the effective and timely

Typical parts of your job description as a Part One Architectural Assistant in industry will include:

  • Drawing and sketching design solutions by hand
  • Developing schemes using 2D and 3D computer CAD and BIM packages.
  • Producing 3D images using CAD and rendering packages
  • Creating 3D physical models
  • Producing reports. Knowledge of ‘Quark’ or ‘In Design’ is useful.
  • Producing /maintaining other documents using programmes such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Photoshop.
  • Participating in design debate
  • Researching products, materials, buildings etc as directed
  • Making presentations within practice to staff on projects.
  • Operating standard filing systems within office for drawings and correspondence.
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