How to get Support? Guidance for Architecture Students

Stages of a paper airplane: from pristine to deformed to crumpled.

This free publication is aimed at architecture students in the United Kingdom with practical information on where to look for support and tips on writing a successful application.

This short guide should serve as a prompt and is by no means extensive. We aim to help students struggling with the Cost of Living Crisis.

“How to Support Architecture Students” is designed to assist architecture students in the United Kingdom navigate financial support mechanisms amidst the Cost of Living Crisis. It offers practical information on identifying support sources, tips for writing successful applications, and outlines various funding opportunities before, during, and outside university life. Additionally, the guide provides advice on how to craft effective applications for grants, scholarships, and other funding sources, emphasizing the importance of clarity, honesty, and specificity in demonstrating financial need and merit. It also includes sections on health and wellbeing, housing, food, money management, and software resources, aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of available support to help architecture students manage their financial and personal well-being throughout their studies.

Simeon Shtebunaev
RIBA Support Fund and Part I/II Bursary Judge

Maryam Al-Irhaim
RIBA Support Fund and Part I/II Bursary Judge

Amy Francis-Smith
Disabled Architect & Access Consultant, received DSA throughout University (ABS Ambassador, RIBAJ Rising Star, Shaw Trust Power 100)

Dimitar Zhelev
Part II Bursary recipient 2021