What does the Future of Work look like for the Architecture Profession?

What does the Future of Work look like for the Architecture Profession?

We’re going through changes in the Architecture Industry, some better than others, depending on whether you’re the hiring manager or working within a practice and your company’s culture.

It’s been over a year since we returned to work. Before the pandemic, most Architecture Practices were working full-time in offices. Many thought it would be impossible to work remotely yet we powered through. Some companies have brought with them flexible working either remote or hybrid, while some are returning to work full time.

On top of that recently in the spotlight, we’ve seen several articles in the news that highlight frustration among Architecture Professionals for unpaid overtime, returning to work fulltime and stagnant salaries.

So with all that in mind, what will the future of work within the Architecture Profession look like for those who practice in the industry?

Join me in an open and interactive session where I will share my trends on where I see the industry going in the next few months as well as highlight your thoughts and comments


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