Have I left agency recruitment? A quick personal update and the future of the Architecture Social

Hello everyone! I have important news that as much as I loved working at Macdonald & Company, I have left architecture agency recruitment on good terms to start a new position as Head of Talent at Ackroyd Lowrie as of this Monday and started career coaching professionals from the Architecture community. 

Who is Ackroyd Lowrie?

Ackroyd Lowrie is an award-winning architecture and design studio based in East London, known for design excellence and focus on effective delivery for our clients.

The practice is led by Jon Ackroyd and Oliver Lowrie whom both have extensive experience designing and delivering award-winning schemes. Ackroyd Lowrie is currently working on a wide range of projects in the UK across the residential and commercial sector.

Right now we have vacancies on our job page for an Associate and Interior Designer here: https://architecturesocial.com/directory/?type=jobs&sort=latest

So what does this mean for the Architecture Social?

Ackroyd Lowrie is also super supportive of the Architecture Social and wants to see it grow further. 

While Macdonald & Company were supportive too, due to the nature of the position I was unable to offer career coaching which I am passionate about. I am really thankful for all that they have done, it is a great place to work.

What do I mean by Career Coaching?

I love helping people achieve their goals and get ahead in their careers, it’s what I’m passionate about. 

When I am not helping Ackroyd Lowrie find talented people for their team, I will be able to offer dedicated career coaching to those who want me to spend one-on-one time with them to go the extra mile with them and achieve results. My first client was Monday night, wooohoo!

You can check out more information on coaching with me here. Boom! https://architecturesocial.com/coaching/

Does this mean I will stop mentoring and releasing free content?

Absolutely not! I love mentoring here on the Architecture Social and I will continue to make the best content I can that is open for all and useful for everyone. 

I will continue to do CV and Portfolio reviews as well, the career coaching is for those who want a tailored and bespoke approach where I focus and together we get personal results at a fair price for my time involved. 

Think of it this way, you will have me in your corner through all the ups and downs of the job-seeking process to get the best out of you – but for those who are not in the position to do this, I will always release content you can watch, listen and study so that you can do it yourself.

Thank you for being part of the journey so far!

In one year we have come so far, I am glad you are all here for the ride! Let me know what you would love to see next here on the Architecture Social and I will keep you all updated on my new position and updates ahead. 

The Architecture Social is just as much yours as well as mine, so let me know what everyone would like to see! Drop me a message in the community. See you there!

Cheers, Stephen

Both images are projects of Ackroyd Lowrie


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