November Community Update & Roadmap!

Hey everyone!  

It’s been a busy week and start of November, I’ve been all hands on deck on my day-to-day job as Head of Architecture at Macdonald & Company 

However, I thought it’d be good to stop and have a chat about a few awesome projects in the pipeline! 

  • We have more podcasts coming from community members and industry experts; if you would like to join me on a podcast episode do message me! 
  • More content on the community first, rather than on everywhere on social media – We can now Livestream on LinkedIn so any community ideas do let me know. Let’s honk the horn and ding the bells to over 30,000 people! 
  • I have made a soft release for the new DIRECTORY. This is easy to use the list of companies and jobs that you can navigate for free at 
  • If you would like to showcase your work on Social Media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) then please submit your work for me to share. You can find this in the RESOURCES section in the navigation bar to the left. 
  • We will bring back CV and Portfolio reviews however it is difficult for me to do due to time constraints, anyone who wants to volunteer and offer your advice to students please do! 
  • If you would like to be involved more with your own idea, course or you simply want to be a moderator do send me a message! 

Have a good weekend and drop me a message with any thoughts and ideas! 




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