AN UPHILL BATTLE! Getting an Architecture Job in the UK without UK experience! Ft. Marwah Aziz and Hannah Brooke

AN UPHILL BATTLE! Getting an Architecture Job in the UK without UK experience! Ft. Marwah Aziz and Hannah Brooke




An Architect or Architectural Assistant with qualifications recognised outside of the UK should find a job easily in the UK, right? Sadly, this is FAR from the truth. 

Even though Architecture and Architecture Assistants are on the Skilled Shortage list for ease of VISA applications, relocating for many job seekers is still ROCK HARD to find a job within Architecture in the UK.

Find out first-hand the trials and tribulations Marwah Aziz experienced as she overcame this uphill battle to find a job in the UK. Joined by Hannah Broke at Renaisi who helped during her job search, join the three of us not hold back our thoughts and first-hand experience of seeing how HARD it really is for overseas Architects to get a job in the UK as well as some practical tips on how you can survive the uphill battle to overcome that first hurdle and do the hardest bit of your careers’ job search. 

If you are struggling reach out to Hannah Brooke at Renaisi, message Marwah Aziz or find some useful content in the Architecture Social’s Resources section. 


  • Muhammed Ashiq
    05/04/2022 at 07:45

    I’m Muhammed Ashiq from India. I’m planning to do my masters(part2 RIBA) from UK from coming september. Is there any possibility to get any part time job in architecture field, so that I’ll be able to get 2 years of experience after my graduation. Is this really tough??

  • Stephen Drew
    05/04/2022 at 10:16

    Hi Muhammed, it is difficult but not impossible. Most employers in Architecture do look for full-time employment, but I have seen some examples of Part-Time work. Have a look at some of the other resources I’ve made on the Architecture Social here, which further answers your questions. I hope that helps!

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