Disrupting Education in Digital Construction, ft. Michael McGuire

Disrupting Education in Digital Construction, ft. Michael McGuire




Did you know that there is a WORLD event for Digital Construction Skills every year and a team from the UK competes against other countries from around the world on different challenges like modelling a project in BIM against the clock?! 

Me neither! I’ve been living under a digital construction rock, luckily my next guest Michael McGuire who is a lecturer at New College Lanarkshire has opened me to something I did not know existed.

Lecturer by day and Training Manager for the WorldSkills outside of hours – tune in to learn Michael’s journey in digital construction, what the New College of Lanarkshire are doing to make their students employable in the field of construction once graduated, as well as an insight in the awe-inspiring Digital Construction competitions at the WorldSkills event.

Michael is a Lecturer at New College Lanarkshire and the Training Manager for the WorldSkills UK BIM team training to compete in Shanghai 2022.

An Autodesk Certified Instructor with 21 years CAD experience and over 12 years of structural steelwork and fabrication experience, his main responsibilities lie in developing and teaching the HNC and HND Computer Aided Architectural Design and Technology courses.


You can get in contact with Michael here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-mcguire-a680bbb/

Learn more about World Skills here: https://www.worldskillsuk.org/

Looking for upskilling? Check out: https://www.nclanarkshire.ac.uk/


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