From Drafts to Drinks: Navigating the London Architecture Scene with Daniel K Poku-Davies

The Art of Networking in Architecture: A Conversation with Daniel Davis

In a recent episode of the Architecture Social podcast, we had the pleasure of chatting with Daniel Davis, a dynamic figure in the London architecture scene and founder of Our Space, a CIC company focused on mentoring the younger generation. Daniel’s insights on networking and the architectural profession offered valuable takeaways for both students and professionals in the field.

Breaking the Ice in Networking

Networking can be an intimidating word for many, conjuring images of stiff, formal interactions. Daniel, however, approaches it with a refreshing perspective. He sees networking as an opportunity to connect genuinely with people, not just as a means to a business end. His advice for those who find networking daunting is simple yet powerful: “Just be yourself.” Engaging with others shouldn’t be a chore or a business strategy, but a chance to share passions and learn from diverse experiences.

The Importance of In-Person Connections

While online platforms have their place, Daniel emphasizes the irreplaceable value of face-to-face interactions. He believes that real connections are forged in physical spaces, be it at events, coffee meetups, or informal gatherings. These interactions, according to Daniel, are vital in understanding the needs of people for whom we design.

Networking as a Continuous Learning Process

Daniel views networking as a journey rather than a destination. He encourages professionals, especially the younger generation, to see each interaction as a step towards growth and learning. The act of networking itself is akin to practicing architecture – it’s a skill that develops and evolves over time.

Our Space: Fostering Future Leaders

Our Space, Daniel’s initiative, plays a crucial role in this landscape. It’s not just a mentoring platform but a gateway for the younger generation to step into the world of architecture with confidence and support. Through events and collaborations, Our Space is creating a nurturing environment for budding architects.

Networking Tips for Beginners

For those just starting in the world of architecture networking, Daniel offers practical advice: Start small, maybe with one or two events a month, and gradually build your confidence. It’s about creating a habit of putting yourself out there, engaging in conversations, and gradually building your network.

The Future of Networking in Architecture

Daniel foresees a future where networking is an integral part of architectural education and practice. He envisions a space where young architects are not only skilled in design but also in communication, business, and relationship-building. These skills are crucial in shaping well-rounded professionals who can lead the industry forward.

Final Thoughts

Our conversation with Daniel Davis was enlightening, to say the least. His passion for networking and its importance in the architectural world is infectious. He reminds us that at the core of architecture is people – understanding them, connecting with them, and designing for them. Networking, thus, becomes not just a professional tool but a fundamental aspect of being a successful architect.

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