Gavin Crump and I discuss Architecture, BIM, Sharing, Learning, Gaming and the World of Warcraft.

Earlier this week Stephen Drew sat down for a humble chat with Gavin Crump halfway across the world from me about the world of Architecture, BIM, sharing, teaching and the most important World of them all… World of Warcraft.

Now officially Stephen’s best mate since he is a gamer, super-smart on BIM and most importantly generous with his time and wants to mentor the next generation of Architecture & BIM enthusiasts .

Before setting up the Aussie BIM Guru Youtube Channel and his BIM consultancy, we chat about everything from crashing the BIM model, putting in the hours as well to the future of the gaming industry.

Join us on video for a casual conversation and let us know your thoughts, you can find Gavin on the Architecture Social, Youtube at or on LinkedIn as the ‘Gavin Crump’




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