Shaun ‘SCB’ Bryant – Online Learning, Alternative Careers and Innovation the Face of Adversity

Shaun 'SCB' Bryant - Online Learning, Alternative Careers and Innovation the Face of Adversity

Many years ago, I decided to roll up my sleeves to learn Revit. I frantically looked for something that was easy and accessible for me to learn, turns out LinkedIn Learning worked best for me where they had a course led by the instructor Shaun ‘SCB’ Bryant.

I may not be a model student, however, I may be a better host (you can be the judge!). On this week’s episode, we have the fantastic online Autodesk instructor, musician and experienced industry professional discuss the joy, trials and tribulations of building an online learning course, switching to an alternative career within the industry as well as the opportunities we all can create for ourselves in the face of adversity.

Let us know what you thought!

Shaun’s Bio

With over 33 years of industry experience, I’m an Autodesk Certified Instructor for AutoCAD and Revit Architecture, combined with CAD managerial skills and sales, support & technical expertise. This extensive skill-set has been honed whilst working as a consultant, trainer, CAD manager and CAD user with a varied background as a CAD/BIM and CAFM consultant and trainer, in addition to time spent as a CAD manager and some time spent in sales, pre-sales and business development.

I am a published online [in]structor for LinkedIn Learning (previously with numerous online courses in the library on AutoCAD and Revit. I also produce bespoke training courses and manuals for clients.

I’m an Autodesk Expert Elite and was previously a Director on the Board of AUGI, with numerous articles published in world-class publications such as Cadalyst and AUGIworld. I am also a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Certiport, developing Autodesk Certification for both AutoCAD and Revit Architecture, as well as being an SME for graphics card manufacturer, AMD. I am also the founder and author of the reputable CAD blog, Not Just CAD!, which now has it’s own LinkedIn newsletter and will be going live with a LinkedIn Live video podcast very soon!As a veteran Autodesk University (AU) speaker, I am a seasoned AU Speaker Mentor (and Emeritus), providing expertise and guidance to novice AU speakers.

You can contact Shaun Bryant on LinkedIn here:

Shaun’s business can be found here:

His online LinkedIn Learning courses can be found here:


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