Emilia Blyskal

Emilia Blyskal is a recent graduate from the University of the West of England. She received a First Class Honours in BSc Architecture and is currently seeking a Part 1 Architectural Assistant job in London. She did work experience at T-Space Architects and in her final year at university took part in the RIBA Student Mentoring Programme at Donald Moir.

Here is Emilia’s final design project for a contemporary Air Balloon Museum in Bristol which was modelled in Sketch-Up, visualized in V-Ray and edited in Photoshop.

She used the idea of an elevated air balloon to stimulate the visitor’s experience and offer them the ability to see a 360 panoramic view of Bristol’s city architecture. The high-tech ETFE feature is inserted into the façade causing the form to be symbolic and intriguing. Internally, the spatial layout encourages openness and freedom of movement due to the open-plan design, exposed structure, and tall ceiling height.

You can contact Emilia Blyskal directly on the Architecture Social here: https://community.architecturesocial.com/members/5214019

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