Joshua’s Final 5th Year Studio Thesis Project, Tolworth Court Farm Nature Reserve Visitor Centre, Tolworth, South West London.

Joshua Southern is a Part II Architectural Assistant who is currently looking for a Part II role. He graduated with a Masters in Architecture from Kingston University and has 8 months of industry experience at Sunderland Peacock Architects as a Part I.

Highly creative with experience of working on a variety of different scale projects ranging from residential bespoke new builds, extensions, new permitted developments and renovations to large commercial projects. Proficient in Autocad, SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop/InDesign as well as simple Revit.

In his project the brief challenged Joshua with the task of creating a visitor centre on a nature reserve using sustainable building methods and materials. Nature reserves can be difficult places for design and in the case of Tolworth Court Farm, a balance needed to be struck between encouraging people to visit and enjoy the site, whilst also preserving the existing landscape and wildlife.

With sustainability as the core theme of the project, the scheme looked to recapture existing site structures, create as small a footprint as possible, protect delicate habitats and use sustainable materials such as timber for the buildings structure and cork as the buildings fabric.

The design was moulded in physical models and in 3D on SketchUp, graphically brought to life on Photoshop and technically realised on AutoCAD.


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