Veniamin Bampilis

Veniamin Bampilis is a Part I from Leicester School of Architecture with a First Class Honours with a year of experience in the industry at Astill Planning Consultants Ltd

Berlin has always held a colourful place in history but nowadays the colour palette of the vibrant city has literally been transformed due to graffiti. Plagued by this form of street art, there is little appreciation for this illegal activity which has the ability to unleash unlimited creative potential if channeled correctly. What If we could clean up Berlin physically and environmentally? Tag it Central aims to heal.

Amateur graffiti can be nurtured via teaching and experimentation in a controlled and supervised environment. Vandalism becomes legal in a designated hub of activity, the temporary can be permanent works of art to be exhibited and purchased to sustain the community of graffiti artists living within the complex whilst the carbon footprint can be reduced as the revolutionary AIR-INK bonds carbon dioxide emissions with a pigment to replace the toxic spray can.

Currently looking for a Part I Architectural Assistant job in his year out, if you would like to get in contact you can reach out here:


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