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It's a bit like Jack's Flight Club, but instead of keeping our eyes peeled for cheap flights we are looking for Architecture Jobs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This is completely free and there are no hidden costs or catches. It is a powerful tool and I figure it’s a good way to grow the user base of the Architecture Social’s community forum and Discord by releasing it as I find it useful and hope others will too.

A-ha! Good question. Our system monitors Architecture Practice’s websites for updates once a day; if it notices a change, it will report to the Job Alert channels in our Community Forum and Discord Servers.

This does mean though that this only works for Architecture Practice’s with dedicated career pages. 

Absolutely, you can email [email protected] a suggestion or simply message Stephen Drew on the Community Forum by clicking here

Yes, this tool is legal and is for informational purposes only. We are not copying any proprietary images or intellectual property, instead what this tool does is highlight any updates to an Architecture Practice’s public website and allows job seekers to click a link which goes directly to that website.

This is a free service for all with the intent to help job seekers find vacancies, as well as allow employers to reach more candidates.

If you are an Architecture Practice that would prefer NOT to be featured in this list please contact [email protected] and we will remove you immediately.

I studied and worked in Architecture long before a career in recruitment. The way I see it is that these alerts could be really useful for a lot of people, however for those people who prefer a tailored approach to finding a job then you can still contact the Architecture Social for a confidential conversation to get the ball rolling for a personal service.

Thank you, you kind soul. There are many ways you can help, please do share this with colleagues and friends who you think would find it useful or if you would like to write a review of the Architecture Social on google by clicking here