1:100 Architecture Podcast: Understanding Architecture with Stephen Drew, Architecture Social

Episode Description:

Welcome back to Season 2! The theme for this season Understanding Architecture. So what does this mean? Well, that’s completely up to you. This season is down to interpretation, with influence from designers, creatives and experts globally. What does architecture genuinely mean to you and how do you create impactful design decisions?

In our first episode we’re joined by the head of Architecture recruitment at Mac Donald and Company, and founder of Architecture Social, Stephen Drew. Former University of Westminster and Manchester University Graduate, Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, Ambassador for the Architects’ Benevolent Society, Associate of Royal Institute of British Architects and associate for British Institute of Interior Design, and founder of the number 1 architecture platform for creatives and designers in the UK. Our special guest is currently in partnership to :scale and MAD Collective, the world’s first virtual architecture convention for students around the world.

Our mission at 1:100 Architecture Podcast is giving people just like us the confidence to thrive with originality, creativity and innovation. Our aim is to provide the best relatable content, design tips and architectural conversation for those of diverse backgrounds to be confident in their abilities.




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