Anihta by Galya Vasileva

Galya Vasileva is a Part 2 Architectural Assistant based in Glasgow that is currently seeking a position. She has a Master’s degree, with distinction, in Advanced Architectural Design from The University of Strathclyde. Galya has got a little post part 2 experience with an architectural practice in Dumbarton. She believes a good project is a mixture between a strong narrative and a well-executed design.

She has always been interested in the abstract way of presenting architecture, and her last project – her postgraduate thesis was produced in a series of watercolor images. This decision was made to present the project in such a way not only to capture the architecture of it but to illustrate to the audience the difference in the views of its users.

Galya’s thesis was a design challenge to presents visions of worlds as a consequence of changes from technology. The project is called Anihta. It means deep in the sea and it has been used as a term for years from the fisherman in the Old Town of Nessebar in Bulgaria, where the project lays its base.

A series of watercolours are presenting the vision of the first marine archaeology museum underwater, where alcoholics are sent to find their inner power, that could restore them to sanity. Located 80km off the seacoast of Nessebar, in the depths of the Black Sea and with the help of new and existing technologies, this floating structure is accommodating the visitors to the first marine archaeology museum, and at the same time is a home for recovering alcoholics.


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