Cultural Intelligence within Architecture Practice, ft. Marsha Ramroop

Cultural Intelligence within Architecture Practice, ft. Marsha Ramroop




Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the key to us working better together, with a diversity of people, in Architecture.

Research in the area of Diversity and Inclusion shows that having a mix of people in an organisation is not enough to create better outcomes, you have to have an inclusive culture too.

Some quick stats show organisations with inclusive cultures are 8-times more likely to have overall better business outcomes, 6-times more likely to be innovative and twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets.

With that in mind, how do we start on this journey to become more culturally inclusive in the workplace?

Marsha Ramroop was the first trailblazer of inclusivity at the RIBA as their Director of Inclusion and is the director of Unheard Voice, an award-winning consultancy for Equity, Diversity & Inclusive culture change in organisations using Cultural Intelligence.

Marsha Ramroop

I'm a passionate believer in trying to reach and serve the "unheard" voices in our society.

Global-award-winning strategist in inclusive culture change. Creating organisations underpinned with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

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