“Dear Sir/Madam. Pls find attached resume, ‘Finalfinal_CV2022.pdf'”… DELETE!

"Dear Sir/Madam. Pls find attached resume, 'Finalfinal_CV2022.pdf'"... DELETE!

Often we discuss what makes a great Architecture CV and Portfolio as well as how to give the best impression in an interview.

That’s all well and useful, however have you thought about the actual email message you send to an employer which has your important documents attached?

Not only that but have you thought about the naming format of the PDF? Now before you say to me, Steve, that’s a boring topic. Yes, it’s boring. It’s also one of the most important parts of your application.

The structure, tone and effectiveness of the email are all super important as that is the first impression you make. Even worse, a badly titled and constructed email will get LOST in the inbox. Meanwhile, you are waiting by the phone wondering why the Practice never got back to you!

Don’t be that person who gets mislabeled as SPAM or DELETED because your application is overlooked.

Roll up your sleeves, put your thinking cap on, boot up Outlook and join me this Wednesday at 1pm GMT.


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